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Floor Maintenance Tips For People With Hypermobility

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These floor maintenance tips for people with hypermobility will ensure that cleaning the floors of your home is as easy as possible.

I find that the floors are the worst part of my home to clean and I’m often forced to get down on my hands and knees to clean them. The problem with this is that back and knee pain is likely. Plus, getting back up off the floor can be tricky!

So, if you want to maintain the floors of your home without injuring yourself so that your home looks spick and span, here’s what you need to do:

Ask for help in clearing the area

Having a floor covered in kids’ toys, dog toys, shoes, and similar is impossible to clean properly. You need to make sure that the floor is clear before your start cleaning it, but you don’t have to do this job yourself. Instead, ask your family to clear the floor first. This will save you from repetitive bending and lifting which will go a long way in protecting your joints.

Ditch carpets & rugs

I admit I’m a fan of carpets and rugs as I love how cozy they make a room feel. But, they’re also a nightmare to keep clean!

Whenever carpets and rugs get dirty, you have to get a vacuum out to clean them. Whereas, with a hard floor, you can sweep the mess up without needing to get a bulky machine out.

Carpets and rugs are also prone to stains which are a nightmare to clean up. You have to put a lot of effort into removing stains too which can be risky to your back, arms, hands, and knees when you’re hypermobile.

Get a steam mop

One of my favorite floor maintenance tips for people with hypermobility is to get a steam mop. I didn’t realize how much effort it was mopping a floor with a traditional mop and bucket until I ditched it and used a steam mop.

My steam mop is lightweight and I can easily carry it up and down the stairs. It gently glides over flooring and cleans them much more effectively than my old style mop and bucket ever did.

Invest in a robot vacuum

Vax reports that vacuuming is the most relaxing cleaning task for homeowners. But for us hypermobile folk, it’s anything but. The repetitive movement, bending, and lifting the machine up and down the stairs is uncomfortable and can leave us in pain for days.

Thankfully, you haven’t got to worry about any of this when you buy a robot vacuum. These nifty devices are designed to take complete control of the cleanliness of your home’s floors so you don’t have to. Many of them are self-charging and can be linked up to voice assistants.

Don’t be afraid to skip cleaning day

Business Wire reports that the average American spends 6 hours per week cleaning their homes. While it’s nice to live in a pristine home with sparkling floors, it’s not always good for your hypermobile body to clean so excessively.

A great floor maintenance tip for people with hypermobility is to skip cleaning for a day or two. There’s no need to vacuum, sweep, or mop you floors multiple times per week unless there’s heavy dirt and debris on them.

The best advice I can give you is to lower your cleaning standards ever so slightly. Your home really won’t suffer for it, but your body will thank you.

Sit or kneel on something soft

There will undoubtedly by times when you need to get down on your hands and knees to spruce up your flooring. But don’t go in without reinforcements!

Make sure you’re got something to kneel on as this will support your knees and your back. It will also make cleaning your floor comfier.

Anti-fatigue mats are a good way to support your body while you’re cleaning. Or, you could use a knee mat, cushions, or even an extra-thick Pilates mat.

Use ergonomic floor cleaning tools

Naturally, when maintaining your floors you’ll bend a lot. This isn’t good for hypermobility though as it increases the risk of injury. For this reason, ergonomic floor cleaning tools are your friends.

Look for tools that reduce the need to bend, such as adjustable mops, ergonomic handles, and brushes with extendable handles.

If you’re looking for floor maintenance tips that will make cleaning easier on your hypermobile body, make sure you follow the advice in this guide and invest in some high-quality ergonomic floor cleaning tools.


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